Cooking Ventures: Making a Risotto Dinner🍲👩🏽‍🍳

“God knows food is one of the greatest thrills a human being can experience.”

~María Hernández Feo



Considering that today we are all celebrating Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate for me to venture into the joys of cooking. Lately, as I continue to practice my cooking skills, I have realized how important it is to share your food with other people. After all, what is the fun in doing such hard work to prepare a meal if you are going to end up eating by yourself? This past weekend I decided to try and make one of my favorite dishes of all time: Risotto. Me and my college group of friends made a night out of my attempt at managing a stove on my own, and I must say that I succeeded in feeding everyone without giving them food poisoning. The kitchen is still in its proper place meaning that nothing burnt down and I am now beyond excited to share the wonderful results with all of you in the hopes that you can also test out your inner chef with a great group of friends, significant other, or any human/animal of your choice.

Before I forget, I understand that Risotto is perceived to be a complicated dish to make. Also, most places that serve Risotto usually charge a lot of money for a small portion. This is precisely why I want to demonstrate that you can obtain quality ingredients and finish making a Food Network style feast on a budget. When my friend and I went grocery shopping for our ingredients I was panicked because I thought that I was going to break my limited college student bank account in half and not be able to eat for the rest of the week. However, my friend Alana showed me the tricks of the trade. She gave me a private tutoring lesson on bargain cooking, and being the studious person that I am, I made sure to take notes. We walked out of our local store with our hands full of bags and all the items put together rounded up to $23.00 (and trust me, there were a lot of items).  As a matter of fact, we had enough material to make two types of Risotto. That night everyone munched down a mushroom Risotto along with a second order of Green Pea Risotto. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but they were both equally delicious.

In my house, none of my family members understand what it is like to labor in a kitchen. Ever since I was a kid my dad always told me that the sole purpose of a stove was to keep it there just in case we sold our apartment and the new owners wanted one. My dad hates cooking just because he is allergic to washing dishes. However, I am glad that hasn’t stopped me in taking an interest in preparing my own food. Actually, I prefer it because, as opposed to going out for dinner or something, when I make my own meals, I know what I am putting in my body. Also, I am glad my friends here have urged me to cook because this way we all bond together and uplift each other, and believe me, when you are a third-year college student like me, you need all the emotional support you can get. Besides, this whole cooking craze has made me shed a couple of pounds, and as long as my ass keeps shrinking like it has, I am all for this amateur chef thing!



Down here I will show you exactly what I used to make my Mushroom Risotto

  1. One full pack of Mushrooms (any Mushroom of your choice)
  2. One box of Arborio Rice
  3. Butter
  4. Chicken Stock
  5. One Onion
  6. One pack of Parmesan Cheese (the more cheese the merrier)

Down here you can know all about everything I used to make my Green Pea Risotto

  1. One Onion
  2. One box of Arborio Rice
  3. Butter
  4. Chicken Stock
  5. One pack of frozen Green Peas (yes, I said frozen)
  6. One pack of Parmesan Cheese (the more cheese the merrier)

Steps to follow for when you decide to make Risotto 🙂

First: Start warming your chicken stock on a separate pot.


Second: Chop some onions and sauté them in some butter (or olive oil). Once your onions are softened, you can add your mushrooms or your peas (depending on which dish you are making).

Third: Add Arborio rice (or short grain rice) to your pot of chopped onions, mushrooms or peas and wait until your rice is toasted (you can add a couple of splashes of white wine if you like).


Fourth: Start adding two ladles of warm stock at a time to your toasted rice and wait until the liquid is absorbed. Stir ocassionally and wait until the liquid boils down.  Repeat this process until your rice reaches a creamy consistency.

Fifth: Once you are done with your stock, add a couple of knobs of butter and parmesan cheese to your rice. Mix until both of these ingredients are incorporated.

Sixth: Top your dish with some sprinkled parmesan and parsley so everything looks pretty.

There are several reasons why I believe Risotto is the most perfect meal a human being can eat. I should probably dive into the importance of it’s consistency. Risotto is not supposed to be liquid and soupy but rather thick, luscious, and creamy. This is exactly why it is important to be patient when making it. That is probably my best pice of advice on how to make it. Take your sweet time and don’t rush the process.  Other than that just savor every last bite and ask your friends and loved ones to join you in this glorious meal because God knows that food is one of the greatest thrills a human being can experience!

These are some of my beautiful friends munching down the finished product. God bless them for being willing to try my food!

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