Maria walk

     My name is María Hernández Feo and I decided it was time to start my own blog. It was one of those things where I could continue to find reasons to ignore my instincts or take the opportunity to see where my instincts led me. I chose the second one! Being a college student living in Puerto Rico, I felt I needed a space to use my interests on reading and writing, a platform that could appease my need to make connections with people. Majoring in Political Science is great and everything, but I have come to the realization that there is no reason for me to ignore my enthusiasm for every other subject that is important to me. I want to make time to write more frequently and expose ideas that I find relevant in hopes of creating self-discipline and a strong bond with people through relatable work. “Talk Speak Say” is a blog that allows me to verbalize my thoughts uninhibitedly and share reflections in the most candid way possible so that you feel compelled to do the same.

This blog will be treated like a journal that is divided into three categories.The reflections I make on experiences that have changed me on some level will form the first type of content presented in my blog. For my second category, I will be posting articles dedicated to the novels I like the most, as my love for books is strong and I want to share insight on what I’m reading. Lastly, I will dedicate some of my material to pressing issues that are unravelling in our world followed by my take on them in an effort to keep myself informed on current affairs. This blog is eclectic in terms of cargo, but its purpose remains the same: Expressing everything that is helpful to you is my main priority!

In my everyday life, I do my best to deconstruct my experiences into their simplest elements just so I can gather a lesson or an idea that can be useful later on. I want to learn from it all, and I understand that learning openly in a blog carries its risks. You all may appreciate what I end up doing here, and others may dislike my work passionately. That’s perfect because that is the point. We all have our individual prerogatives. I will continue sitting here embracing my decision to write publicly, to live in constant reflection, while I talk, speak, and say everything that is valuable to me and to all of you.


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