A Fool In The Light”: My Attempt At Poetry

Poetry 3

To be honest, I can’t specify why I abandoned this hobby. From a very early age, I always had a greater interest for books than I did for Barbie dolls. Christmas was a very special time of year, a time where I was sure Santa Claus understood me when he left me loads of books under the tree. After I devoured each and every book I was gifted, I thought to myself: why shouldn’t I tell stories?

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Letter For My Past Self: Things I Wish I Had Known

Letter Blog

If you are a college student and you don’t consider dropping out of school on a daily basis, then you must be doing something wrong with your life! Seeing as I am now approaching the end of my first semester of my junior year, I can see a big difference between the outlook I had on success at the beginning of my college career and my perspective now…

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How to be a Proper Foodie


A few weeks ago, I was having dinner at a nice restaurant with my family when a couple walked in and sat at the table next to us. This couple looked young, happy, very much in love, and on the verge of sharing a hearty meal. I must confess that I am a person who sticks her nose in other people’s business…

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My Love Affair with New York City

NY BLog 1

I first traveled to New York City with my family when I was ten years old.As a child looking out the window of a yellow taxi cab, I remember marveling at those massive buildings, as if I were staring at a beautiful concrete painting in a museum.  I questioned a lot of things in the ride from JFK airport to Manhattan…

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Underdogs: The Story of Women in Today’s Society


Aspiring for a career in this competitive world is incredibly difficult. Lately I have been wondering how I will manage to reach a notable position when I enter the work force in the near future. I know I am still a college student and I have plenty of time to preoccupy myself with this, yet I can’t help but think about it.

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Relationships: Is it Possible to be Happy Without Them?


The other day I was speaking to a friend of mine over the phone and we began discussing relationships and how we are both so damn single. I told him that it’s not that I don’t want to be in a relationship

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South African Dream: A Celebration of Cultural Identity


On July 12, 2018, I journeyed to Cape Town, South Africa. After 21 hours of sustaining my stiff back on airplane seats, I finally arrived to a unique hemisphere of the world, one where Taxi drivers swooned over my strong, Latin accent. I’m sure Taxi drivers everywhere are intrigued by tourists because they come from different countries, but when I told my Zimbabwe native driver that I was from Puerto Rico, he immediately referred to my island as “the land of Despacito”…

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How to Not Give a F*ck 101

the subtle art of not giving a fuck

In order to get people to read nowadays, author’s need to come up with gripping book titles. It is unreasonable for people to judge books by their covers, I know that. However, this does not deny the fact that humans have preconceived notions and reject anything that does not seem attractive…

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The Whole “Bright Future” Thing


I remember in my high school graduation my teachers spoke about how we were all going to have “bright futures” when we entered university. Having been in college for two years now, I understand that being a college level student is a very unique opportunity. I’ve never heard of another place where you can experience sleep deprivation for more than three days and still be alive…

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My name is María Hernández Feo and I decided it was time to start my own blog. It was one of those things where I could continue to find reasons to ignore my instincts or take the opportunity to see where my instincts led me. I chose the second one! Being a college student living in Puerto Rico, I felt I needed a space to use my interests on reading and writing, a platform that could appease my need to make connections with people…

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